Why Winter Is The Perfect Time To Find Your New Chicago Apartment


While Chicago winters are brutal, it is often a time when people are reluctant to move, but there many benefits in doing so:

Lower Demand

Majority of people are not willing to move during the colder months, especially those with families. Winter is the perfect time to look, since there are fewer people looking, so there is less pressure to act quickly to lease an apartment.


You can come across some great move-in concessions from property management companies and landlords who are eager to lease their apartments, rather than have them stay vacant all winter. The best part? Since fewer people are moving during the winter, moving companies offer cheaper rates during these months.

Avoid The Heat!

A lot of packing and unpacking in summer can lead to heat exhaustion and heat-related stress. A winter relocation eliminates heat-related conditions. However, you should still dress appropriately for cold weather. The cold of winter protects possessions from overheating in the scorching summer so your candles, soap and records won’t melt! Whenever possible, move when the weather is tolerable and driving is safe.

New Year New Life

Have you added a new place to live to your New Year’s Resolution? Winter is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start living in a new environment. It can be a breath of fresh air moving on from your previous place. You can also take this opportunity to score some awesome furniture and decor sales during the holiday season!

Looking to move soon? Is your lease up soon? Renters should begin their search about 60 days prior to the end of their lease to maximize their options.

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