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5 Easy Steps To Become A Green Landlord


There are a few easy ways you can become a green landlord in Chicago. The benefits of having green apartment rentals in Chicago are clear: you reduce the carbon footprint, keep your tenants happy, and earn more money. There is nothing to lose!

1. Energy 

The easiest way to go green in Chicago and have an immediate impact is to use LED light bulbs instead of the regular incandescents. Even though LED may cost more upfront, these bulbs last 20 times longer than regular light bulbs. Unlike regular light bulbs that produce more heat than light, LED bulbs are more efficient in converting energy into light, without heating up. In addition to that, they are toxin-free, which makes them safe for the environment.

2. Insulation 

Insulating your rental property in Chicago is another way to save energy. However, you have to keep in mind that the process isn’t the same for every type of property. Attics, basements, and garages give away a lot of heat. This means that if you want to save money and energy, you should begin by insulating these areas first.

3. Water

There are numerous ways to save water at your rental property in Chicago. You can install some tools and gadgets to help you preserve the water. However, the larger part is played by your tenants. If they are aware of the environmental issues our planet is facing, they will be more likely to participate in saving water. You can provide an informational document at lease signing that includes recommendations like reusing boiling water (let it cool and water your plants!), reporting leaks or taking shorter showers. Many of them would be happy to oblige if they were aware how easy it is to be more efficient.

4. Green Space

Is there a better way to support eco-friendliness in Chicago than by planting flowers, plants, and trees? They look great, make the space more inviting and calm, plus they reduce your carbon emissions by creating more oxygen. It’s a winning situation for you, your tenant, and the planet. 

5. Recycling

In Chicago you can get recycling bins or clearly state where the nearest recycling container is. That’s how you’ll raise awareness and provide the opportunity to recycle. If you opt for getting your own bins, make sure that it is clear what material goes where. Additionally, you can ask them to compost. It’s ideal for the plants and helps them grow better and stronger.

Once you start living and promoting green life in Chicago, you won’t want to go back. For more advice on going green or to make sure your Chicago apartment is priced correctly, call The Apartment Source landlord services department at 773.404.9900.

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