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8 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter this Fall


With Labor Day marking the unofficial end to summer, we know this can only mean one thing – winter is coming.

Fortunately for us, the only thing better than a Chicago summer is a Chicago fall. We are already ordering pumpkin everything and unpacking our sweaters (but let’s be real, we never really packed them away).

Fall means something different to all of us. At The Apartment Source, it means making sure the properties we manage are set up for success this winter. If you’re a landlord that rents with us, we want to share our tried and true tips for preparing your property to handle the cold temperatures ahead.

Here are 8 tips that we recommend to get your home ready for winter this fall:

  1. Make sure the catch basin is cleared of debris and waste solids. Don’t forget to check the outdoor floor drains to make sure they are also cleared and treated.
  2. Winterize your entryways and doors by making sure all entrances have floor mats. Common area doors should have functional door closers. 
  3. Gutters and downspouts should be safely secured to the property, we don’t want any rogue water this winter. 
  4. For any areas with exposed plumbing, make sure they are properly heated. Now is the time to schedule seasonal servicing for building heating sources (HVAC/Boilers) and furnace filters.
  5. Make sure all your vacant units have utilities turned on. **But also, if you have a vacant unit, reach out! We will connect you with our listing coordinators and see if we can find a tenant to fill your home. 
  6. Replace batteries in thermostats – we don’t want any chirping this season. Check smoke/CO detectors and get them serviced if needed. 
  7. In order to prepare for snow and ice, make sure ice melt is purchased and stored in dry storage space. Get shovels, ice breakers, and snow blowers serviced. Arrange all snow removal agreements / contracts with your tenants, especially if there is a parking lot. 
  8. Inspect the exterior of the property for rodent burrows and treat accordingly. We don’t want any critters this winter season. 

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