Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to find an apartment?

Typically it takes 3-5 hours, but this varies based on each apartment search. Our commitment is to give you as much time and attention as you require so that we can match you with the perfect apartment.

Can I lease an apartment for less than a 12 month period?

No, unfortunatly our company and the managment companies we work with mostly deal with 1 year leases.

What should you bring with you when searching for an apartment?

We recommend bringing a camera and a note pad, so when looking at number of places it’s helpful to compare notes and pictures.

What will I need if I want to apply for an apartment?

  • Check book
  • Employment Information
  • Landlord Information
  • Co-signer application-if a student or unemployed
  • Student loan documentation, if student loans will be used to pay rent

What form of payment can I use for my first month’s rent?

We only accept personal and cashier’s checks.

What if I have no credit history or a challenged credit history?

We work with a variety of landlords, each of whom have different approval guidelines. We will do our best to match you with an apartment that fits your needs.

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